Grumpy, but not narrow.

Posted by Bron on April 3, 2013

Sometimes when I am watching or reading something about olden times, I get to thinking about what I would be like if I were born 150 years ago. I would be really old by now, sure. But what worries me is that I would probably have been racist, sexist and most definitely homophobic.

I like to think of myself as a pretty reasonable and rational person and currently I wouldn’t consider myself any of those things I mentioned. But 150 years ago, what were the chances of me even knowing someone who was gay or not white and making up my own mind about them? Most likely everyone around me would have been intolerant and bigoted, and even SCIENCE would have been telling me that women and gays and other races were inferior. Actual medical science. Sure, there have always been activists, but would I have heard their arguements and would I have believed them? It makes me nervous to think about.

Flash forward 150 years and I am not a bigot, a jerk – yes, but not a bigot. I don’t really see it as an achievement, there is nothing heroic about believing in equality. I feel like it is the natural result of being a reasonable person alive today, with the knowledge and experience available to most people.

And yet. And yet. I sometimes wonder why gay marriage is even a thing. I feel it should be like when everybody realises there is still a law that that prohibits a man from having a moustache on Sundays or something, where we all just laugh about how old and weird it is and then remove the law and move on with our lives. But for some reason some people are all, “NO, moustaches on Sundays are WRONG,” even though heaps of dudes (and some ladies) have them and have walked around with them every day for ages. And for these people it’s hard enough trying to upkeep and cultivate nice looking facial hair without also having people legislate against it just because it is not their personal preference. Ok, enough with that analogy.

Why am I being so long-winded about this? It’s on my mind, there is alot of traction lately in the movement to legalise gay marriage. People are posting equal signs and ‘straight but not narrow’ and I honestly think it’s gonna happen soon.

I guess what I’m saying is, I am this:

You said it, Grumpy Cat

Is anyone seriously claiming that they oppose gay marriage because it conflicts with secular cultural norms and values? It’s just about religion, right? I am sad and embarrassed that the influential religious right means I have to be this.

Even though I don’t believe in god, I don’t think that believing in god ever made anyone a bad person. It’s when they start trying to impress god with their interpretation of what hateful crusade he might approve of that things turn awful. “Not only am I not gay, but I am doing everything in my power to make people who are gay unhappy! LOVE ME!”

150 years ago I might have been all up in that crazy train of thought, but I really can’t see any excuse for it now. Fuck that, it makes me mad.